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Breaking news from NPR: CDC Now Recommends Americans Consider Wearing Cloth Face Coverings In Public

U.S. health authorities have announced they’re changing the official recommendations on face masks, now urging people to wear them in public spaces to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

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We specialize in digital and clinical interventions to improve public health. Our team have first-hand experience with COVID-19 prevention and treatment from ground zero in China and beyond. We are committed to develop tools and products that will stop or slow this public health pandemic.

Customer Feedback

I received my masks today in a timely fashion. I appreciate the quality of the masks as well as the fact they are in individual packages to keep each one from accidentally being contaminated.

I will order again. Thank you so very much!

– Mary T.

I got my order of 40 masks, and the 6 bottles of hand sanitizer. Which is greatly appreciated. I did expect my smaller order to be here first, since they were ordered first. Again thank you for your prompt service these masks are literally life saver.

– Robert H.

I am a doctor and the hospital is running out of PEE. I bought some N95 here. Shipped very fast! I can’t believe this! I ordered Monday night and got my face mask Wednesday. Thanks, Riverbend Health!

– Michelle L.

I did a lot of comparison and finally found Face Mask and Hand Sanitizers here. Price cheaper than Walmart. Sent from Dallas with a nice package. I received it in 2 days. Came just in time!

– Liz M.

My local store all sanitizers are sold out. A friend recommended Riverbend Health and I got my sanitizers yesterday. Very good! Already using it! 

– George O.

My physician assistant friend is receiving the masks! He is supporting the COVID19 response in NY!!!
Thank you!!!!

– Juila R.

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