Riverbend Masks Restocked and Ready to Ship from Dallas

Great news! Riverbend’s facemasks are restocked though might be running out soon. Grab your chance!

If you have pre-ordered during the last 7 days on Riverbend, your order will be shipped out ASAP on a FIFO basis. We expect to ship them all out in 2-3 days. Please stay safe while waiting for your masks’ arrival.

It’s been painstaking to source the quality masks from all over the world. Riverbend team has genuinely went to great length! We even helped one of our best suppliers, a masks manufacturer who is out of melt-blown material, which is essential in filtering viruses, to source the melt-blown cloth. But the cloth’s final price was risen 1000% due to the feverish demand everywhere.

In addition, China manufactures over 50% of all masks in the entire world that is up to the US standards. So another reason why even some medical staff in the United States are still in severe shortage of masks is because China-US flights have been canceled a lot. There is very few flights going between China and the US each week and suppliers have to ship masks to the United States with private jets!

If you buy masks on Amazon or eBay, all express delivery time has been prolonged from 7-15 days to 30-45 days. For example, if you order a pack of masks on Amazon right now you will have to wait until mid-May to receive them. With Riverbend, you can get it within the week. Of course, their postage is twice more expensive than Riverbend in this sense.

Riverbend is the fastest in the US if you wanna buy masks: You get the products without any uncertainties, unlike other businesses which might be profiteers or middleman who doesn’t have products themselves and might be only with pictures of masks to add a mark-up price to sell to retail customers. A customer told us he tried to buy masks (with a slightly cheaper price) on a website but only to find that it costs $30 to ship, and the current delivery time is more than 15 days. He paid and waited for 10 days and could not help but came to Riverbend. Now he has received Riverbend masks and sanitizers, yet his order with the other website has been canceled, despite having waited for 17 days!

It’s been reported that sellers on sites like amazon.com, might be selling masks with hidden tricks. The masks’ price looks cheap at first sight. But in fact, their products are shipped from China, with an exorbitant shipping price and a 15 to 30 days of shipping time.

All products on Riverbend are the only ones on the U.S. market that are shipped off the shelf. Place your order now before they run out!


  1. God bless you all for truly helping save lives during a time where many companies are seeking to financially exploit the public and profit from a deadly situation. I have shared your website with thousands of local friends via Facebook. I ordered my masks today and will be a customer for life.

    • riverbendhealth-admin

      Hello Barnett,

      Thank you so much for sharing us on Facebook! Your words are really encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to let us know we helped. We are genuinely glad that people are getting protection because of us. We will strive to provide more products people need and we are looking forward to see you again. Kind regards to you and your family.

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